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Exceptional Splicing Unwind Equipment

Over hundreds of installations, we have made equipment capable of automatic splices on materials from delicate, single-layer tissue to foil-backed board stock, from 20 mm- to 51"-wide, and from intermittent 50fpm to 1900fpm. We have the technology to build machines that reach speeds up towards 2000fpm while maintaining unrivaled low and accurate tension levels. Rely on Larson/Burton, Inc. when you need flexible services, customized equipment, and a partner that is easy to work with. Our relatively small size allows us to build single, unique prototypes in a timely and cost-effective manner. Yet we still have the capacity to carry a prototype through to a roll out production stage. Our creativity allows us to put together cost-effective solutions for you that improve your bottom line and pay for themselves in the long run.

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About Us

Daytona Beach, Florida-based Larson/Burton, Inc. has been serving consumer product companies nationwide with reliable zero-speed automatic splicing unwinds since 1998. Our industry-unique approach to tension control, broad array of splicing methods (many tapeless), and our commitment to standard off-the-shelf control components combine to make up a simple, high-performance unwinding package that is cost-effective. We have proven designs for:

• Heat-Seal Butt Splice
• Same-Side Tape Butt Splice
• Heat-Seal Overlap Splice
• Single-Tape Lap Splice (No Leading Edge)
• Double-Tape Butt Splice
• In-Register Label Splice

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