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Innovative Fixed-Spindle & Roll Loading Machines

Larson/Burton, Inc. designs and builds fixed-spindle and roll loading machines to suit your industrial needs. Our team helps you improve your bottom line.


Our fixed-spindle equipment is made to your specifications and unique requirements. Read about some of the ingenious ways we have developed solutions for our clients.

150fpm Heat-Splicing Unwind for 10"-Wide Nonwoven
In many cases, the splice can be sold right in the product. Tapeless splicing makes operator prep easier and costs less to operate.

600fpm Splicing Unwind for 8" Poly & Nonwoven
When space didn't allow for two separate unwinds, we combined the two. We also added active guiding and a laminator nip for a single drop-in module.

Roll Loading

Let us create the roll loading machines you need for your production process. See some of the innovative solutions we have designed.

2000fpm Splicing Unwind for 24"-Wide Tissue Product
To run at these speeds at web tensions low enough not to tear out a sheet as fragile as single-layer tissue, nine of sixteen idlers were powered by Power Puck modules. They feature a proven cantilevered roller design.

220fpm Splicing Unwind for 50" Closed-Cell Foam
We included a shower curtain-style guard door to allow for optimum accessibility for the operator while providing maximum safety. We make ease of operation and safety top priorities in our designs.

250fpm Multi-Roll Splicing Unwind for Corrugated Paper
This unit allows you to load up to eight rolls at a time for materials that run out quickly. Save time and money by avoiding delays due to reloading.