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Inventive Trim Rewinds & Standard Controls

Our groundbreaking trim rewinds can be customized for your commercial production requirements. A unique feature of our trim rewinds, and all of the other equipment that we build, is that we use standard control products.

Trim Rewinds

Have a trim rewind constructed to suit your facility's requirements perfectly. Learn about one of the many trim rewinds we designed and built.

Coreless 600fpm Rollette Edge Trim/Liner Rewind
This straightforward and compact unit can be used in place of standard trim-removal systems. In place of regenerative blowers and choppers, this unit plugs into an 115V AC outlet, tightly rewinds mini-rolls, and automatically drops them into a hopper once the rolls are complete.


We typically install standard control products. Most all of our equipment is controlled by Allen-Bradley MicroLogix or CompactLogix processors. We never implement any black box proprietary control components that are not upgradeable for future data acquisition requirements.